A day at the Giza pyramids

When i had just  started writing this post , the goal was to write about the best places to visit in Egypt but it turned out that i had so much to share about the pyramids. So here we are- A day at the pyramids.

The pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world that still exist. There are 6 pyramids at Giza but only 3 are prominent since they are the biggest – The great pyramid of Giza(khufu), pyramid of khafre(khafra), and the pyramid of Menkaure(Menkaure)


Originally built as tombs for pharaohs and their queens by the ancient Eyptians, the pyramids have become one of the most visited sites in the world. With approximately 8 million tourist flocking the pyramids per year- this has got to be top on your list when you travel to Egypt.

How to get there?

You can hire a tour guide to show you around the entire place but if you want to get there on your own like i did , here is how you can  get there.

If you are coming from Cairo, take  a train up to Giza station (its  fast and cheap, 3 Egyptian pounds to be precise). From there you can just take a taxi or an Uber which takes like 40-50 minutes.

There is only one point where you can buy the tickets from (at the gate), pretty much visible, since there would be other tourist purchasing the tickets. There will be so many tour guides telling you how the government doesn’t allow tourist to go to the pyramids alone, don’t fall for that, they just want you to pay them to show you around- something you can do yourself.

Others will claim as they are the only ones that know the best spot to see all the 3 biggest pyramids in line.IMG-3760 (1)Clearly i was able to find the best spot on my own , since that’s where most people are always headed.

How to buy things inside the pyramid.

This might not be the best place to buy so many things since they are a bit pricey compared to how they are sold outside but if you are compelled to buy, the  best way to to do this is by using  Egyptian pounds. Many vendors will tell you the price in dollars or Euros (it might sound cheap but by all means they just want to overcharge you). So always ask for the price in the local currency.

Rules to follow while touring inside.

The only rule that must be followed is not to climb the pyramids. Yes you might be trying to be adventurous and all that but don’t fall a culprit. You might see a few locals trying to disobey this law by climbing but don’t join them, it is extremely dangerous and  it might be your unlucky day and get fined-You don’t want that on you trip.

IMG-3763pyramid of menkaure

Other exciting things to do  inside  giza

There is a huge ditch in some chambers next to  the synthix. It is believed that when you throw money in this hole and make a wish, it will come true. I saw a good amount of money in the ditch, i guess many people want there wishes to come true.  Did i throw in money or not? (Hmmm) – I am not really a superstitious person, so i just watched what was going on, didn’t throw in any coin.

Ride on a camel-There are so many locals who offer this service all at different prices, you just need to find one who offers a “good price” as the Egyptians call it.

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To hire a tour guide or not to?

Yes i know this is their job but in my personal experience, a tour guide is not needed to enjoy your day at the pyramids. And some times you just want to stay a little longer at a certain place but if you are in a group, you have to go wherever everyone else is going.

IMG-3794The synthix of Giza

Final thoughts

The pyramids were way big compared to what i had imagined- i just kept wondering how and who built them, who carried all those huge stones, piling up one by one. How long it took those energetic men. Even up to now i just cant wrap my head around it. Indeed it is a wonder of the world. I would definitely go back to this magnificent site.

Have you been to the Giza pyramids, share with me in the comments how your experience was, did you hire a tour guide or you went solo? Planning a trip there, let me know how i can help.

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Love Esy

11 thoughts on “A day at the Giza pyramids

  1. Sreya Gupta says:

    WOW! I always wanted to visit Egypt. I love visiting historical places. And, the pyramids of Egypt are like a portal way to the past. It seems like you have enjoyed a lot.


    • Esther Namugerwa says:

      yes i really enjoyed it a lot- Its amazing how they were constructed, the time, energy and dedication. It is a must see historical site


  2. nowthatsthrifty says:

    ahhhhhh I’m so jealous that you got to visit the pyramids! I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt and see all the ancient Egyptian stuff. It’s definitely in my top 2 on my bucket list.


    • Esther Namugerwa says:

      Aaaww thanks. I was always jealous of people who went there before i did. Trust me its worth the “envy”. Its good to hear its top on your bucket list, the next time you will be sharing your story of how great of a time you had at giza.


    • Esther Namugerwa says:

      I know. Even up to now, i still cant comprehend how they carried the huge stones. I hope you get a chance to visit the pyramids one day, you will be blown away.


  3. Alexander Popkov says:

    That is one of the things, that you should see at least once in a lifetime…. but I save if for later, when I am at the age of 60… now I am more interested in parties than in pyramids.


    • Esther Namugerwa says:

      hahahah i get you but am not sure you will be energetic enough at 60 to walk up the dessert to see the pyramids upclose. But it definitely worth seeing


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